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Elite Physiotherapy services:
  • Sports injury rehab
  • Back & Neck pain
  • Pre & Post-surgical rehab
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Reconditioning programs
  • WCB & MPI related injuries

Our St. James team at Elite Sports Injury Assiniboine, formerly known as Assiniboine Physio & Sports Multi-Centre, has been serving the St.James – Westwood area in Winnipeg for the past 20 years. Along with physiotherapy, the clinic provides a range of services from massage therapy to a registered dietitian. We're located conveniently at the courts of St.James

Our mission is simple at Elite: get you back to your active, healthy lifestyle. The team at Assiniboine looks forward to working with you.


Elite Physiotherapy treats everyone from professional athletes to recreational players and injuries covered by WCB and MPI.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be used to restore energy and treat both acute and chronic conditions in people of all ages.

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Registered Dietitian

Our expert assesses dietary habits then educates and counsels clients to implement functional nutritional plans.

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Functional Movement Screening, St James | Elite Sports Injury Assiniboine

Functional Movement Screening

Functional Movement Screening assesses seven basic movement patterns to help identify muscle asymmetries, tightness, weakness and other risk factors for injury by examining the mobility and stability of the hips, core, shoulders, knees, spine and ankles.

Work Reconditioning Programs | Work Injuries | Elite Physiotherapy Winnipeg

Reconditioning Programs

Work Reconditioning programs are designed to restore your physical capacity and get you back to work. Work Reconditioning is intensive, simulating your work environment to prepare you to jump back into the field.

Acupuncture Winnipeg, Elite Physiotherapy St James.


Certified physiotherapists in Winnipeg's Elite Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinics use acupuncture to help in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, muscle inflammation and tenderness, muscle spasms, headaches, and more.

Work Related Injuries | Auto-Related Injuries | WCB Winnipeg, MPI

Work & Vehicle Related Injuries

We don’t just rehabilitate athletes. Our Winnipeg physiotherapy clinics are taking appointments now for vehicle related and work related injuries. If you are suffering from whiplash, repetitive strain, aches, pains, or other symptoms, we’ll help you with your WCB and MPI claims,

Custom Orthotics Services Winnipeg, Elite Physiotherapy, Performance Healthware

Custom Orthotics

Elite Sports Injury and Physiotherapy Winnipeg has partnered with the local orthotics experts at Performance Healthware to create custom orthotics that rebalance you; reducing pain-causing stress and strain on your body.

Elite Sports Injury Clinics | Physiotherapy Winnipeg St James.

About Elite Sports Injury

Founded in 1997, Elite Sports Injury Centres provide physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to the people of Winnipeg. We focus on a comprehensive range of care, including pre‐habilitation, and train our patients to achieve best possible fitness and movement skills to shorten recovery duration.

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  • Why Elite

    More Than A Sports Injury Clinic

    Our physiotherapy clinics in St. Vital, downtown Winnipeg, and 91 Lowson, Kenaston, provide treatment for sports injury clients as well as those recovering from general, work, or accident related injuries; including those covered by WCB and MPI. We use a number of techniques to help you recover from injury quickly including physiotherapy, athletic therapy, customized work reconditioning programs, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

    Our certified physiotherapists and athletic therapists, many of them active athletes here in Winnipeg, know what you need to get back in action quickly.

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    The Right Partners

    Elite Sports Injury and Physiotherapy clinics work as a team with the physicians at Legacy Sports Medicine, orthotics and concussion testing experts at Performance Healthware, and the specialized fitness trainers at Elite Performance to bring you the most effective rehabilitation, strength and training programs in Winnipeg.

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